Chinese Cultural Academy

New Class Beginning Saturday May 14, 2022 11am - 12pm 

Class wil meet weekly 11am - 12pm on Saturdays. For more information please contact We also invite interested students to attend as observers any of the classes listed below. 

Tuition $80/month but discounts are available based on need


Tai Chi Chuan

About Tai Chi Chuan at CCA

The Chinese Cultural Academy was founded in the early 1970s by Professor Huo Chi-Kwang who left the Academy to Richard Langlois, (Kongo Roshi) in 1988 when he retired from teaching. Professor died in January 1998 and Roshi in October 1999, leaving three students teaching at the Academy: Dorota Zak, Louis Ucha and Mary Ellen Langlois. We continue to teach the Chen Family and Yang Secret styles as they did.

Based on ancient Taoist beliefs, Tai Chi Chuan is ultimately a spiritual practice. As a beginner it initially strengthens and relaxes the body. It cultivates balance and incorporates elements of Chi Gung, the training of Chi or universal energy. Refining and focusing this energy, it will become a profound meditation. This mindfulness practice is a key to self knowledge. If you already meditate, Tai Chi Chuan is a rich addition to sitting meditation, helping one to incorporate meditation into everyday life.

The styles that we teach at the Chinese Cultural Academy are unique in that your feet are always in motion. You are in the process of shifting your weight continuously between the feet. Except in the Basic exercises, you never set both feet flat on the ground. Balance is maintained by constantly shifting the weight and sensing the energy within the moves. There is not even a millisecond pause between the moves and they flow like waves one into the other. The only way for you to be in the moment, both body and mind, is to play. The mind is engaged in intense observing, yet the body is relaxed. Your mind and body are not separate, but rather are in accord with each other and with the universe.

Tai Chi Chuan forms are an excellent meditation practice by themselves and they also can be a rich addition to sitting meditation. We strongly encourage everyone who is serious about Zazen to practice Tai Chi Chuan or to incorporate some other activity promoting mindfulness of body and mind in motion. This strengthens one's Zazen practice and enables one to incorporate universal mind in everyday life.

We start with the Basics, a short set of exercises that teach the principles of Tai Chi Chuan, promoting mindfulness of body and mind in motion. The Basics help strengthen the legs and overall balance. They incorporate elements of Chi Gung, the training of Chi or universal energy and one of the most significant is Meta Meditation, an excellent model for a compassionate practice.


Louis Ucha

Lou studied and taught Tai Chi Chuan for over 30 years. He trained under Professor Huo Chi-Kwang for 10 years and Grandmaster Hsu Fun-Yuen for 3 years.Besides Tai Chi Chuan, Lou studied Pa-Kua Chuan, Chinese sword and saber. He currently works with Master Scott Rodell in traditional Chinese sword fencing.

Lou has trained in the Wu Dang tradition of Taoism for 20 years.

Current Class Schedule

  • Thursday 
    • 10:30 - 11:30am
  • Saturday
    • 10 - 11am