Public Talk - Zenku Jerry Smyers

Sunday, June 2, 2019 - 2:00pm to 4:00pm


American Zen Pioneer Soyu Matsuoka, Roshi

Life, Legacy & Teachings

 Born and trained as a Zen Buddhist priest in Japan, Soyu Matsuoka, Roshi came to the United States in the 1930s and founded Zen Centers on the west coast.  After being released from the Japanese detention camps after WWII he settled in Chicago and founded the ZBTC in 1949.  He was one of the foremost pioneers of Zen practice in America.

 Zenku Jerry Smyers is a Zen priest and has been affiliated with the ZBTC for over 40 years.  He currently heads the Mission Mountain Zen Center in Dayton, Montana. 

   Please join us for this presentation and discussion.

We are a non-profit religious organization and depend solely on your generosity.  A donation of $20 for this event is encouraged.


This event will take place at the Zen Buddhist Temple of Chicago, located at 608 Dempster St in Evanston, IL.