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Founded 1949 by Soyu Matsuoka Roshi.

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Our services and activities are held at 608 Dempster Street in Evanston, Illinois

August 24, 2014 - Obon Celebration - 10:00AM

A special Dharma talk will be given

All are invited

The 2PM service on this day only will be cancelled

Please listen to a Dharma talk given by Jim Matson on June 29, 2014

Our August Newsletter is here

Introduction to Zen Meditation

Sunday September 21st 2:00PM til 4:00PM

One Day Meditation Retreat

Saturday September 6th.


Introduction to Zen Meditation

While we welcome newcomers and beginnerís instructions are given at all of our services, we also offer a service at 2:00pm on the third Sunday of each month dedicated to those who would like a more structured introduction to our practice. The Zen Buddhist Temple of Chicago is a Soto Zen Temple dedicated to helping practitioners realize their true nature through Zazen, seated meditation. Zen Buddhists hold that all living beings are pure Buddha nature that seems to be obscured by the workings of the discursive mind, fueled by the pressures of modern life. Through daily practice of seated meditation, we allow the discursive mind to settle, and let this true nature be expressed in our daily life.

Buddhism is non-theistic. The historical Buddha is not worshipped as a deity, but rather serves as an example of the realization that is expressed through our Zazen practice. Practitioners of other faiths may cultivate themselves through Zazen, supplementing their existing spiritual practice.

Please join us for an Introduction to Zen Meditation Workshop on Sunday August 17, 2014 at 2:00 p.m. The workshop will consist of basic instruction in Zazen and shortened meditation periods taylored specifically for new practitioners.

Special Services

Throughout the year we celebrate various Zen Buddhist Holidays. Check back for updates.

Regular Services

Our services at the Zen Buddhist Temple of Chicago are open to all. Newcomers are welcomed, and instruction in Zen meditation is offered at each service. Please join us for one of our regular Meditation Services.

We offer Zen meditation (zazen) services in the Soto Zen tradition three times weekly:

  • 10:00am Sunday
  • 2:00pm Sunday
  • 7:00pm Wednesday

Services last for approximately two hours and include chanting, seated meditation (zazen), and walking meditation (kinhin). Tea is usually served afterwards. Please feel free to stop by and visit. Newcomers are always welcome and instructions are provided at every service.

Meditation Retreats

For more intensive practice, please join us for our next one day meditation retreat to be held on Saturday August 2nd from 12:00PM to 10:00PM Sesshin is an important part of regular practice, enabling us to reinforce our daily practice with more extended periods to further settle the mind.




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